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Yellow fever hits Rivington!

Categories: Mountain Bike Skills Courses | February 28th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

For me it was a day of running nose, dead legs and sore head but the show must go on and it did. Great day out on beginners course 23rd Feb, with from left to right- Anthony, Clare and Martin. The yellow garments seen here, look like ordinary biking jackets, but they are in-fact army issue anti biological warfare suits worn in a bid to fend off my germs. sat-23rd-feb.jpg On a serious note thanks a lot guys your enthusiasm kept me going and you all made fantastic progress. Martin went on to do the Intermediate day on Wed and says he will be back in a few months for the advanced course. Hope to see you all again soon to “Take it to the next level”

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Tony’s drop!

Categories: Mountain Bike Skills Courses | February 28th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

Well done to Tony and Martin for Wed 27th Feb. From all accounts, it was a great intermediate course, lots of honed skills and new ground covered, as this gnarly drop by Tony demonstrates.tony-crop.jpgHave to add he was doing so well by lunch time, that his head swelled so much that he bust his helmet, new one on us but we had a spare for the afternoon session. Quick mention to Martin who arrived on Saturday from London in his Porsche Boxter, with a bike rack on the back, another first for Rivington, who said sports cars are impractical!boxter-cropped.jpg

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Cold and floo

Categories: Uncategorized | February 28th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

Picking our way through the snowWe had a leadership course in Rivington this week and it was absolutely freezing. And we felt the earthquake!

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Bearing up

Categories: Maintenance | February 26th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments


After advice from a big bike shop (near Kendal not far from Kentmere in the lakes) that my Cove hustler frame has six bearings that would cost £50 i went to a local bearing stockist and paid £24 for same. Call me cheap everyone else does, but i hate paying the middle man if i can help it. I drove home with smug smile like i had got one over on the western world a saving of £26!!!! Back at base in my work shop i Stripped the frame removing the six bearings using one large one small socket and a vice no problem.Once the bike was stripped i noticed a bit of play in the main pivot, on some bikes the main pivot has a set of bearings and sometimes its just a shaft that is in contact with the metal of the frame. In the latter any play can be the first sign that your pride and joy might have a life span or at least you might have a bit of a headache sorting it out via an engineer.I removed the chain set (right side) as the main shaft is removed from left to right. At this point i had to admit that the guys at Cove in Canada really do things right and that sometimes friendly advice form big shops can be a bit duff. (for future reference, place more trust in the man in the LBS with greasy fingers)  The main pivot uses four more bearings derr, should have checked before going shopping (lesson learned) priced these up £5 each in stock 5mile drive from where i live. 

Time to down tools mad rush to get the booty before they shut!

Total Price for bearings £46  plus fuel and slightly bigger carbon footprint. But bike sorted. For very usful information about your Cove bike dont go to Coves web site they’re too busy building fantastic bikes, instead go to bearing sizes and numbers you will need for a bit of DIY plus loads of other spec.

 good luck

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Great Hill

Categories: Uncategorized | February 16th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

WHEN the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it would be sacriledge for any true biker to be anywhere other than riding fantastic trails – the best north Manchester has to offer. Great Hill is one such place nestled north west of the mast behind Rivington Pike. We took the climb out from Lead Mine’s Clough, behind Wilcock’s caravan park, and headed up the snaking rolling ascent.

Then, as any up-hill junkie will agree, climbing up the dry stream bed from the side of the hill is the perfect buzz. The ground is relatively firm but perfect -with all the lumps and bumps to test anyone – with or without their forks turned down!

There were plenty of walkers out too, but luckily this side of the fell isn’t too busy so we snaked along the slabbed ridge to the top. The descent down to White Coppice is awesome – although more rutted than winter riders may be used to.

We cam back via Healey Nab which is a little gem of a play ground. If you haven’t already been up there check it out. We can offer directions and more precise rider information if you drop us a line.

Anyone else been out and about basking in glory today

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Rivington today

Categories: Ride Rivi | February 15th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

After a fantastic few days when we could have thought we were actually somewhere a little more glamorous than Lancashire, the temperature has sadly plummeted. I am assured from the lovely staff at the BBC that the conditions should be good for the weekend but I guess we will have to wait and see.Ultimately the riding conditions are awesome – the muddy patches have almost all dried out without leaving the the ground too hard.

On the downside, there are too many walkers out and about. I’ll leave this discussion for a rainy day but lets hope something is done about it soon

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