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Fcuking brilliant day out!

Categories: Mountain Bike Skills Courses | March 12th, 2008 | by mikestafford | no comments


Beginners course Sat 8th March Lever Park Rivington, from left to right, Russ a professional stunt man from Colne in East Lancashire, Scotty still at school but hoping to become a space man (good luck Scotty), Jan (if you look closley she’s biting her tongue) originally from Plymouth but banished by the posh southerners because of her constant Terrets outbursts, now lives in the Northwest where her language goes all but un-noticed and last but by no means least, Big Pete (in the photo he’s actulay kneeling down) at seven feet eleven and a quarter inches tall is the UK’s tallest mountain-biker.The day went well dispite a bit of Northern weather (gale force winds and horizontal rain) with all riders making huge proggress on drop off’s, log lifts, steep climbs to mention but a few.

Jan the Terrets sufferer, spiced up the day with her regular outbursts of ”Oh F**k, S**t, B****cks, and everyones favorite Wwwwww*****kerrr!

Russ had a bit of a slip on his pedals landing rather heavily on the old crown jewels, i heard the pop from several meters away (ouch) “All in a days work for a proffessional stuntman”. He squeaked his way through the rest of the day without complaint. (now thats tough)

Big Pete did realy well on his 31″ home made bike,  mastering the drop off’s, log lifts and single track with ease, well done Pete. Incidently Pete has organised “The Big Day Out” ride for people over  6’7″ to be held at Giants Cuaseway Northern Ireland on April 1st e-mail me for details.

By the end of the day Scotty (real name Norman)  the school boy (who actualy looks 35) was already in space, defiying gravity, balancing his bike, doing jumps and wheelies nice one Scotty.

“hope you get to go where no man has been before”





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Drag breaking

Categories: Uncategorized | March 4th, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

Learning the art of drag breaking! It’s the future, right Mike!

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SPD’s or flats?

Categories: Maintenance, Mountain Bike Skills Courses | March 2nd, 2008 | by Clare | no comments

from Stafford pictured left, attended a 1-2-1 skills course on Sunday 2nd March,
super keen and raring to launch herself into the biking world. With only a
handful of rides and two hand fulls of falls she broached the subject of pedals,
as most of her falls were slow speed stumbles still clipped in.The pedals she
had chosen for her brand new steed ( a very nice Gary Fisher Caliber) were
a Shimano single sided pedal, normal (flat) on one side and a single SPD (cleat)
on the other.

The main problem with these pedals, when trying out new skills, is that its
hard to get clipped in, sometimes the cleat side will turn down and you will
try to clip in with 0% chance of clicking in, until you look down to check
if your pedal is the right way round. Conversely you might want to ride a section
without being clipped in, if that’s the case you might hear and feel the click
of cleat just when you don’t want to.

Here lies the problem, single sided pedals introduce an extra option, something else to be thinking about before that step or drop off, the one with a limited run up to it. To click or not to click is a huge distraction, especially if your knees and elbows still smart from your last comedy stops.

My advice to Nicky was to swap her shinny bling pedals for a set of dog rough flats, i keep for just such occasions in my car, it took 2 mins to switch them and it meant she could focus on the day ahead without the worry of slow speed falls, still clipped in. The result was fantastic progressive riding, standing up (where before she had sat), lifting the front wheel over sticks and logs, reducing her turning circle from that of a small bus to one of a nimble agile cat. She was soon riding drop off’s and descents the likes she had only dreamed of before.

What Nicky lacked in skill, she made up for in determination and arrived back
at the car park a different rider than when she left.
Parting advice was to ditch the bling, get on ebay for a set of used Shimano
or Wellgo double cleated pedals (cleats both sides) with a full cage see picture
below. If you can get your hands on a set of second hand ones they will be
much easier to get in and out of while you make the change from flats. Apart
from that choose your first clipped in rides with care, go for some softer
options, and always take some friends just for comedy value because everyone
takes a few tumbles first time out.

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Scandal as Southern boys refuse drugs test!

Categories: Mountain Bike Skills Courses, Uncategorized | March 1st, 2008 | by Clare | no comments


Mikkel (left) and Dan (breathing in) seen here in their best modeling poses did amazingly well considering their origins, today 1st March at Rivington. Both took part in an intermediate skills course, which tested man and bike to the limit.cropped-1-3-08-003.jpg They worked hard to perfect a range of exercises designed to push their riding up a notch or two.The morning session went as normal but my suspicions were aroused, when after lunch they set off at great speed up a long 1 in 7 road climb, quickly catching up to and over taking a professional road racer. If that wasn’t enough, to add further insult to injury the pair paused to swap bikes, allowing the pro rider, who will remain nameless, to have another crack at the whip. Sure enough they caught him up almost immediately and were heard to taunt the rider as they passed him. (bad form guys) 

When returning to the car park they refused to give a sample, claiming to be “dehydrated”. As today’s course was was a non international qualifier no action will be taken, but watch out you southern boys we know your game!

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