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Five dead legs drop off at Rivington!

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Intermediate course 24th January 2009. Don’t worry no cyclist were injured on this course, but all of us had dead legs by the end of a very successful but very long days riding. Seen above left to right are Malcolm, Jerry, Pete (The Unbeatable) Owen and John. Well done guys, long time since i have put on a course when all riders got down the slab steps at Rivington with so much finesse. I swear Pete (The Unbeatable) had both his little pinkies sticking out from his handle bars as he dropped off the biggest step!


Managed to get a few photos on Face book , think this is the best one of the day but check out the others @

 Big thumbs up from me guys hope to see you on advanced courses up in gods country!

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Y M C A = 2009

Categories: Mountain Bike Skills Courses | January 19th, 2009 | by mikestafford | no comments

YMCA moment at the end of first skills course of 2009.


Y= you might well ask. Paul Coogan from Leigh turned up for his skills course in a builders hard hat. New to mountain biking he was as keen as mustard but forgot his helmet. Paul chomping at the bit to get going donned his work hard hat, looking like a gay icon from 1980′s  wasn’t going to stop him. I have got to say he took the jokes (which kept coming all day) square on the chin.  Luckily i had a spare helmet, i also fixed him up with some decent layers and pads.

The other guy on the course was James Eddleston fom Bolton. James is interested in becoming a mountain bike leader and hopefully working with disadvantaged kids in the area. I have put him in-touch with Ray Mazey at  Ray runs mountain bike leader courses and is currently providing courses for various organisations including the Police, Army, Navy and RAF.

Both chaps did excellently on the day improving skills across the board. Have got to hand it to Paul, for someone with very little experience he did really well and excelled on the drop offs. James took the single track riding crown, using a drag braking technique he completed a long section of raised muddy single-track without fault despite strong winds, well done!

I look forward to seeing you both on an intermediate course soon!


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