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Blue skies and big smiles!

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Big thanks to Christine and Lynne for a great day out at Rivington Sat 30th Jan beginners skills course.  At 9.30am it was still below freezing but with blue skies and dry tracks it was a far cry from the snow of the weeks gone by.

 During safety checks on the bikes before riding we found that Christine’s bike had no air in the rear shock. This meant she had been riding around for the last few weeks with no rear suspension. A few blasts from a shock pump and a dial on the rebound soon got things working.

 The pair made lots of progress through the day with some of the main achievements being front and rear wheel lifts, riding up a step, single-track riding, and using negative positions on drop off’s and steeper descent. After a hard day of skills drills the pair managed to get to the top of Rivington Pike and were rewarded with fantastic views across to The Lakes and Snowdon.


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