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It ain’t half hot mum!

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Scorching hot day out on the Howgills Sunday 23rd May intermediate course.

Big well done to Paul, Ian and Andy for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. The hills around Sedburgh are hard enough but in tempratures reaching 28 degrees we were well baked by the end of the day. Still we mustn’t grumble the trails were baked hard and rode super fast.

The three of  them are off to the Alps in a few weeks and used this skills day to top up on skills before they go. New skills they picked up  included- advanced negative positions for drop offs, compression front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, bunny hops and wheelies.

Below are the trio after climbing up from Ravenstondale just before a long descent down to Murthwaite Park.


Below is Ian demonstrating good negative form on a six foot drop off.ian-drop-off.jpg

More pics at Face Book and a You Tube clip of Paul practicing his bunny hops.

Well done guys top day I look forward to a repeat performance later in the year.

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Six Pack at Rivington!!!

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From left to right John, Lee, Liz, Paul, Dave and Keith Saturday 15th May Beginners/Intermediate skills course.

Great day out with all riders making great improvements John, Lee, Paul and Dave did the rock slabs off the pike for the first time and celebrated with this picture below.

 Four Big Guns


We had a few technical dismounts throughout the day but nothing life threatening. Worst spill of the day went to me at the lower barn in front of loads of people. It involved mayonase which dripped off my sandwich and landed on my crotch (looked well dodgey) fortunately for me Lee and Paul pointed it out quietly before i could shock any old ladies! Thanks boys. Best pic of the day was this one of Lee doing the Big One (Lee look at your fingers keep those brakes dragging)lee-crop.jpg

Looking forward to seeing you guys up at Grizdale. Thanks again for an excellent  day.

Lots more pics at Face Book and a video on U-tube

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Negative three for the boys from Leeds!

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 Great day out Saturday 8th May with (ave a go) Richard, Fit Ste,(white leg) Dave and (not as fit Ste) 


All seen below in order of appearance doing a negative three drop off.

Richard was on a borrowed hardtail bike of mixed origins but couldn’t be talked out of any of the drills including riding down a set of 80 steps at the top of the Pike. By the end of the day we were getting used to me pointing out the short falls of the bike he was on and him saying “I’ll ave go anyway” Well done mate.

Next down is Fit Ste so fit he rides round without a seat on his bike (see pic no. 2) Only kidding we found that the post was bent and wouldn’t adjust low enough for a bigger drop off. Perfect position over the back wheel.

Then there was Dave we all had to wear sunglasses against the glare from his legs. Rumour has it he can ride at night using just the light emitting from his white legs.

Last of all the other Ste who on the day won  most colour co-ordinated rider.

All in all good all round with fantastic views from the top.



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