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Kirsty Takes a dunking but comes back fighting.

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Kirsty and Graham first came on a skills course back at the start of April up in the Howgills on a cold day with snow still on the hills. It was their first proper off road ride and it proved to be a tough one.  The couple hired bikes for the day and made great progress. What they lacked in bike fitness they made up for with masses of enthusiasum.  cold-crop.jpg

They obviousley caught the bug, as after a few emails and many an hour surfing the net, the pair bought HIS N HERS matching Marin Wolfridge bikes. They took their new bikes and re-traced their steps from the course and Kirsty had a bit of a dunking. Ever suportive Graham got some shots (see below) of the slip so Kirsty could see where she went wrong.going2.jpg going-2.jpggone.jpg

Nice one Graham!

Any way she didn’t drown and the two of them came back at the end of May in fantastic weather to ride around Kentmere.

No dramas, but there was talk lots of talk from Graham about losing his PUFF!

Below is a picture that sums up Kentmere hard climbs but great views and wicked descents.graham-and-kirsty-crop-2.jpg

Looking forward to taking Graham and Kirsty to Grizdale for their first taste at a trail centre.

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