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Gud day mate!


Grizdale 1-2-1 9th July 2010.

Had a great day out with Dan Littlehales at Grizdale! Dan who is more used to surfing the rollers breaking on the coast of Sydney down under, donned wet weather gear and got stuck into a how not to crash course at one of the Lake District best trail centres.  The weather wasn’t the best, well actually it poured down most of the morning but spirits remained un- dampened and by lunchtime he was doing bunny hops, wheelies, riding single track and board walk, drop off’s and steep rocky climbs.


We had lunch back at the visitor centre and then set off in search of the faster trails that finish back at the car park. We used the same section a couple of times to give Dan a go at the same jumps (You Tube) and faster corners. Smiles all round with a mud splattered face what more can you ask for.


His 1-2-1 session was a present from a generous aunt for his 18th birthday, hope to see you for your 21st Dan for a big ride in the mountains. Have a safe trip back to OZ and keep riding fella your a natural.

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