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Dunk Me Again!!!!! Lee the Hobnobb of the mountain bike world.

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As Lee Marsden made the trip north through heavy rain to ride the Howgills, he was resigned to the fact it might not be a dry ride. But as he reached Jct 36 of the M6 the skies were getting lighter and there was the odd patch of blue sky. All was good and after a quick brew we set off to ride the Calf from Bowderdale. 5 mins into the ride and Lee’s White 46 started clunking and was refusing to drive up the hills. Lee anticipating a big day in the mountains and a trip up to Glentress in a couple of weeks had fitted a new chain and middle front chain ring but hadn’t changed the cassette (did someone say tight?). Sure enough quick inspection of the rear cassette revealed excessive wear and the new chain was skipping off when under load. Back to mine for a quick Formula 1 style cassette change, stole it from my other half’s bike shhhhhh she will never know. Back on the road and into Bowderdale and our first big test was a stream crossing to get onto the west side of the valley. It didn’t go to plan and the result can be seen below!

As Lee wrung out his clothes it was decided that from this day on all mountain bikers that take an early bath should stand where they fall and shout out “Dunk me again” in a Boltonian accent. If you don’t know what this has to do with Hobnobbs check out the link at the bottom of this post (enjoy)

Putting the biscuit episode well and truly behind us we pushed on up Bowderdale on some of the most technical single-track in Cumbria. We quickly gained height and after a couple of Breakaways were soon rewarded with some awesome scenery. Here is the view of  Bowderdale looking back the way we climbed up.

Below we reach the top! No Lee’s not throwing his Jaffa Cakes up, he’s paying  homage to the trig point 670 meters up on The Calf, well done fella.

A quick sandwich or three while we admired the view and a little time to allow our food to Digestive (ooops) and it was Time to GoBar. (sorry)

Leaving the Calf behind we took a fantastic  descent down into Sedburgh with Lee perfecting Shortbread manuals (daaaam) to drop off the grassy steps on the way down “flying mate”.  Once back down into suburbia we got to grips with bunny hop’s and it wasn’t long before we turned Lee’s  “two wheel at the same time” into more of an  arcing hop see evidence below.

All told a great day out,sorry for the dunking buyt it couldn’t have happened to a Nicer chap!

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Hamshires big day out.

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Session number three with the Hamshire family was jot sunny day in the Howgills. Parking at Ravenstondale 10mins drive from Jct 38 M6. Lots of skills drills including steep climbs, drop off’s rocky descents and narrow single track. The whole family took a dunking on the way down to Murthwaite Woods.


Then it was on to Cautley Spout and a well earned rest before heading homeward.

Another great day guys looking forward to the next one in July.


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Preparation for high Alpine adventure.

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When Sean Connor got in touch he had just booked a trip to Italian Alps and was looking for a challenge. So with a view to testing his new bike and getting some practice on longer descents, an epic loop out from Staveley was the perfect ride. Parking at Wheelbase in Staveley first job was to get Sean’s SPD’s off and put some flatt pedals on. We did this to get Sean lifting the bike in true bunny hop style rather than just pulling both wheels up at the same. Sean was a very quick learner and after about 10mins on a side road in Staveley he was hopping like a good one getting his bike 6 to 8 inches off the ground. Spd’s back on and off we went riding up towards the Green Quarter on the  East  side of Kentmere. Some practice on slow drop off’s and fast drop off’s was needed before we headed for the hills.



Short climb out from Kentmere and a fast technical descent (passed some riders with a pinch flat) down into Longsleddale. Then a gradual climb turns into hard riding all the way up to Gatescarth Pass. Here is Sean half way up still smiling. Wonder if it’s anything to do with his new ride?


From Gatescarth we headed down to Hawswater on some fantastic trail which snakes down to the waters edge.


Hard hike a bike up to Nan Beld but from there down to Kentmere for the best single track of the day.

Well done Sean big day ticked off. Good luck in the Alps.

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Lapierre Zesty test ride for Kevin.

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When Kevin  signed up for a 1-2-1 skills day at Staveley in The Lakes, he used the day to test out a Zesty from Wheelbase the Lake Districts premier Bike shop. Compared to Kev’s old Scott hard tail the Zesty with 140mm travel front and back  was “like a rocket”. Although the bike took a bit of getting used to it wasn’t long before he was using the bike to full advantage, cleaning climbs he would usually walk, descending much quicker and with more control. Kev also learned how to pop a wheely see his first efforts below.

Well done for a top day fella hope the Mrs likes French bikes as much as you.

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Hamshires Wet Day in May

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Second session for the Hamshires at Rivington on a rainy bank holiday but no spirit’s were dampened and the five of us set off at good pace to climb the Pike.  The rain was easing and blue skies on the Horizon as we topped out.


We did a long descent down through the Chinese Gardens all the way to Liverpool Castle. After a quick refuel stop at the barn it was off to Lead Mines Clough and then back via The Street. Excellent day out and all back safe with muddy faces, well done guys.

Looking forward to our next meeting up in The Howgills


See more photo’s at Facebook

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Turner Test in Kentmere.

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test 1

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