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Preparation for high Alpine adventure.

When Sean Connor got in touch he had just booked a trip to Italian Alps and was looking for a challenge. So with a view to testing his new bike and getting some practice on longer descents, an epic loop out from Staveley was the perfect ride. Parking at Wheelbase in Staveley first job was to get Sean’s SPD’s off and put some flatt pedals on. We did this to get Sean lifting the bike in true bunny hop style rather than just pulling both wheels up at the same. Sean was a very quick learner and after about 10mins on a side road in Staveley he was hopping like a good one getting his bike 6 to 8 inches off the ground. Spd’s back on and off we went riding up towards the Green Quarter on theĀ  EastĀ  side of Kentmere. Some practice on slow drop off’s and fast drop off’s was needed before we headed for the hills.



Short climb out from Kentmere and a fast technical descent (passed some riders with a pinch flat) down into Longsleddale. Then a gradual climb turns into hard riding all the way up to Gatescarth Pass. Here is Sean half way up still smiling. Wonder if it’s anything to do with his new ride?


From Gatescarth we headed down to Hawswater on some fantastic trail which snakes down to the waters edge.


Hard hike a bike up to Nan Beld but from there down to Kentmere for the best single track of the day.

Well done Sean big day ticked off. Good luck in the Alps.

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