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First Big Ride 2013

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A big day out in the Lakes always promises high adventure, no disappointments on this trip out. I met up with my best mates from Manchester, Chay and Nigel at Brotherswater car park 10.00am with Chay chomping at the bit. The two of them were riding his and hers Nuke Proof Mega’s but we soon found out Chay’s back wheel had a slight problem. The Maga’s use a 135mm x 12mm bolt through axle but it was a Hope Pro II hub axle which had snapped in two. Quick drive to the top of Kirkstone pass to make some calls to bike shops across the park. Thumbs up from Keswick Mountain Bikes so all good for coffee and cake at the Pencile Museum????? while the mechanics at the shop do the business! SORTED


Time ticking and a long climb a head of us we opted for a a fast route up from Thirlmere almost all carrying. Snow, ice and neck spasms from Nige threatened to halt our adventure but in stepped Chay to the theme of I need a hero! We took Niges wheels off his bike and strapped his frame to Chay’s backpack leaving Nige to carry just his wheels.  It was a superhuman effort on Chay’s part to carry two bike but we did get to the summit in good time. A quick  snack in the shelter hiding from the snow then it was onwards and downwards out of the cloud to some fantastic views.


At 950 meters Helvellyn is the highest peak in England that can legally be ridden on bikes! It’s a hard hike a bike climb whichever way you tackle it, but for anyone making the effort the rewards far outweigh the hardships. If as we did you get some clear skies the views are just about as good as they get anywhere in the Lakes.

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