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Russ Goes Black at Innerleithan!

Categories: Rate my ride, Uncategorized | April 7th, 2008 | by mikestafford | no comments

Hi Mike

Thanks for a fantastic day, learned so much. The weekend after went up to Glentress in Scotland for a week with my son and did an ‘Intermediate’ two day course up there. To be blunt, it was a bit crap and I learned more on the one day course with you than I did on the two days with them.

But I managed Spooky Wood, and even took on a 20km XC circuit of Innerleithen (black!) and managed it, falling off only once. That technique of just sitting off the back of the saddle and rolling off pretty well got me round everything. The drag braking also really helped just to stabilise the bike when I was getting a bit carried away. I also bought a better bike: a GT Avalanche 1.0 with discs which feels so much more fun and nimble. Also interested in your comments on pedals on this blog: I lashed out on a pair of DMRs with studs (£50!) but actually worth every penny as I feel so much safer and more confident than on the standard cheapo original equipment. Pedals are for life, not just for Christmas.

So, I think it is only a matter of time and money till I come back for the intermediate. Am also riding my road bike daily now to work, just to build up the stamina.Wow. Hooked.Cheers, Russell.

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