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Mountain bike skills courses

Mountain bike skills is a small company based in the Lakes, Howgills and  Rivington.

We are dedicated to supplying first class mountain bike instruction and advice to mountain bike riders of all levels. If you want to improve your riding skills, ride more safely or simply ride more challenging terrain, we have a mountain biking skills course for you.


We provide skills courses for people of all ages and abilities, helping to take their riding to the next level.

Past clients have included – mountain bike guides, mountain bike holiday companies, mountain bike instruction course providers, military personnel, police officers, teachers, youth leaders, scout leaders etc. and of course mountain bikers looking for extra skills / qualifications.

Mountain Bike Skills use tried and tested instruction formula to optimise your riding and will help you reach achievable targets.

People attend our courses for lots reasons, ranging from health and fitness, meeting new friends, to adrenalin fueled adventure, but the bottom line is, the more skilled you are the more you achieve.

If your thinking of joining one of our courses read some of our client feedback and testimonials.

The only thing you will regret is not doing it before!!!!

Mountain Bike Skills – “taking your riding to the next level”