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Rob Takes the Pike and rides to the next level.

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Big well done to Rob Gower who travelled up from the Midlands for a 1-2-1 session at Rivington. Lots of first for him including bigger drop off’s, wheelies, faster cornering  and improvements on multiple slab drops.rob-gower.jpg

High Adventure for London Day Trippers.

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ed-on-garburn-pass-kentmere.jpg When Ed and his parents booked their day trip up to the Lakes we were in the middle of spring heatwave, a week later blue skies had been replaced by torrential rain and strong winds. Undeterred the trio set off from London early on a Tuesday morning in early in April

on a journey which usually takes just over two and a half hours. Unfortunately power lines brought down by high winds in Scotland left them delayed for an hour, but they arrived at Oxenholme before lunch in good spirits. A 20min drive got us into Staveley near Windermere. After a quick change for Ed and I, it was on the bikes (Ed used one of my hire bikes) and off into the mountains. For Ed who was more used to low level forest riding, the trails were a big step up. Riding around Kentmere gives lots of options from smooth flowing single-track to full on technically challenging trails like Garburn pass. Ed rode well for a first timer on the rough stuff and nailed a good chunk of the pass, in demanding conditions. After a quick fuel stop at Maggs Howe cafe it was back on the hill for a climb up on the Green Quarter and a fast descent back into Staveley to meet his parents for a change into dry clothes and a quick one at the Hawkshead Brewery.

Ed’s parents enjoyed a windswept walk out from Staveley and a meal at a local pub. Back on a train at Oxenholme at 8.25pm back safely in London before 11.00pm what an adventure, result!   Thanks for your enthusiasm guys it was a pleasure to meet you and I lookvforward to seeing you up in The Lakes for a longer stay in better weather later this summer.

Ed’s mum mailed-

“We all enjoyed the expedition – with its various challenges! – very much and you were brilliantly flexible about bikes and transfers which helped make it feasible.”

Turner Test in Kentmere.

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First big test for Richard Ball and his new bike a Turner 5 Spot. What better place to test man and machine but the Kentmere Valley in The Lake Distict National Park! With blue skies and dry trails the day was perfect. Richard who is relatively new to the sport started off road riding proper last year and as you can see from the photo’s below is making great progress.



 One of the biggest challenges of the day is this chunky descent down into Kentmere. I’m looking forward to the next instalment Richard, well done mate.




Big Guns Out at Rivington!

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Great day out with Vicky, Gareth and Joanne on a beginners course at Rivington 10th of April. Below is Vicky first time off road riding doing a big drop. Bottom of page Joanne showing perfect form on a drop off. Well done guys look forward to seeing you on an intermediate course soon.vicky-crop-2.jpg joanne-crop.jpg

Mountain Bike Skills Courses- Summer Discount

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In the run up to the summer holidays and to mark the beginning of what we hope to be a great season Mountain Bike Skills is offering 25% off all skills courses for the first 25 people!

All available dates can be found on our website. There isn’t a better time to get prepared for a great summer, whether that is by learning the key skills, or taking in the trails available to you on a guided tour.

The courses include:

Half Day Taster Sessions; Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced Skills Courses; 1-2-1 and private groups; Maintenance courses and Guided rides.

We operate around many prime locations, including Lever Park, Rivington, Staveley, Kentmere, Grizdale and the Howgills.

If there are any particular areas you wnat to venture to please contact mike on 07971 275184, or alternatively email:

So whether you – or someone you know – are just starting out, need a general refresher session or want to move onto the next level, take advantage of this great offer and book now.

Ryan gets air at Cannock Chase.

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Here’s Ryan Price getting to grips with all things mountain bike on Cannock Chase 1-2-1 Mountain Bike Skills tuition with Mike Stafford 28th March. Although Ryan had been riding for a few months with friends on the chase he hadn’t had any formal training, so it was a pretty steep learning curve. We  started with a drag brake drill to reduce his turning circle (it was the turning circle of a bus!) then went on to  front wheel lifts, back wheel lifts and on to bunny hops. Have to hand it to Ryan he was a fast learner and made my task easy. After a few drop off’s, wheelies, and a climbing drill we had lunch and then hit the trails for a bit of jump practice. All told twas a great day and Ryan impressed both of us with his progress.

Watch to see how Ryan got on

Lee gets a pass on Garburn.

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Big well done to Lee Cartledge for his efforts this Sunday 6th March, he managed to get himself down Garburn Pass for the first time. Big grins all round as the weather was perfect for his 1-2-1 session around the Kentmere Valley. Lee did his first bunny hops, some big drop off’s and got to grips with going faster over loose rocky terrain.

Lee completed a Mountain Bike Skills  beginners course a while back down at Rivington near Bolton but has been riding and making progress on the trails in The Dales around Ingleton where he runs Ingleton Cottages with his better half Jenny.

High point of the day was watching a smile appear on Lee’s face as he negotiated the worst section on Garburn, some intimidating  rock steps with multiple line choices. I was shouting “eyes up and stretch” out just as he was looking down and getting too tight over the middle of the bike. As he looked up and relaxed over the back of the bike the trail seemed to flatten out and the rest was a breeze.

After Garburn it was up to  Maggs Howe tea room and camping barn for a well earned rest. One more climb up onto Green Quarter Fell for the fantastic single track which brings you back towards Staveley.

Excellent weather, fantastic trails great company.


From beginners to intermediate in a day!

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On their private skills training day at Rivington.  Rachel and Mikael had done some riding but were struggling to complete red sections on the trails in Wales. The pair started with some basic skills drills but made great progress,  ending the day with an intermediate descent down from the Pigeon Tower.  Below is Rachel demonstrating perfect form with a negative 3 drop off position. Well done Rachel!


Here is Mikael on the same drop off.



Best shot of the day was this one of Rachel showing perfect form and as I kept reminding the pair EYES UP.rachel-crop.jpg

Thanks for a great day. Look forward to your visit to the Lakes in Spring.

Taster session comes up trumps!

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 Taster session Borrowdale 19th July 2010.

 Borrowdale near Tebay was the venue for Mountain Bike Skills first half day taster session. The session went swimmingly thanks to buckets of enthusiasm Joss and his Aunty Jo. To say the weather was wet would be the understatement of the century.


The river running through Borrowdale was raging and water was running down every hill. After some initial bike set up we set off along the valley doing a few skills drills as we went. By the time we reached High Borrowdale House Joss and Jo were flying.



 Well done you two hope to see you again soon on another course.



Jess and Clive on blue sky high!

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Intermediate Skills course Rivington 16th July.

Believe it or not on the morning of their course Jess, Clive and myself were discussing a severe weather warning that had been issued for the North West.  Flash floods and gale force winds were making driving conditions hazardous so we decided to meet a little later than planned. What a great decision that turned out to be, the rain was all but stopped by the time we were riding at eleven  and the weather continued to improve throughout the afternoon. Jess and Clive worked hard on new techniques and improving on existing skills.  By the afternoon the sun was out skies were blue and both riders completed the rock steps off the Pike. More Pics at Mountain Bike Skills Face Book.



 Well done guys, look forward to seeing you up in the lakes for the next instalment.



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